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Kokanee fishing is an obsession and as you can see by the name of the book, I am addicted. One of the most frustrating things for a Kokaholic to hear is that the fish are just not biting...
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Mack's Lure Cha Cha

I recently was given some Mack's Cha Cha™  to try for  my upcoming book, The Kokanee Obsession. I have fished these on a number of lakes including Wallowa Lake in eastern Oregon. Outfitted with Smile Blade™ technology, these are proving to be very effective for Kokanee! I tried fishing these in various length leaders, 8" up to 18" with very good success (short for dodgers and long for lake trolls). I fished them behind one of Mack's Hot Wings™ with an 18" leader which was nice because there is no drag given off by the Hot Wings™, so it was just me and the fish. I also fished them behind a Shasta Sling Blade in UV color which worked very well with an 8" leader. I recently took them out again and fished them with a Mack's Double D™ Dodger  (Double D™ Dodgers are soon to be released for retail) again with the short leader which proved to be deadly with it's unique pulsing action. The Cha Cha™ is shown below in assorted sizes and colors. I preferred the Watermelon Glow which is the second from the bottom and so did the fish at the time I was fishing, with pink coming in second. Definitely a great addition to the tackle box! See the link's page or your local retailer to purchase.



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