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Kokanee fishing is an obsession and as you can see by the name of the book, I am addicted. One of the most frustrating things for a Kokaholic to hear is that the fish are just not biting...
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Common Sense Survival Made Easy!

Last year while hunting for elk over in the Blue Mountains between Heppner and Ukiah, I ended up getting majorly turned around and walking some forty miles before finding my way back to camp. I haven’t brought this up before, simply because I was kind of embarrassed. However, Read On...

BBQ Chinook Salmon Glaze

The ocean Coho season ended yesterday which means that their bigger relatives, the Chinook are going to be the focus, at least until I start fishing the bays.
That means that no more fresh ocean caught Coho.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them both although the Coho is a touch sweeter. So tonight when I fired up the grill, I made up a simple glaze Continue Reading...

Depoe Bay Hoochies

Headed over to Depoe Bay last Saturday for some salmon fishing. We headed out at O dark thirty planning on a limit ... Continue Reading...

A testimonial for your book, The Kokanee Obsession

This is a testimonial to you and your book The Kokanee Obsession.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this email as I’m sure you’ll be pleased.  My story starts one year ago…………… Continue Reading...

Good Fishing Partners Are Hard To Find!

Spent the last several days fishing Lake Merwin with my good friend Richard Kennedy. I am sure that some of you have found that good fishing partners are hard to find! Richard is one of my longtime fishing buddies, a friend that time does not change. We meet up after months of not fishing together and take up where we left off as though no time has elapsed, joking, poking jabs at each other and generally solving the worlds problems Read On...

Why Can't We “ALL” Just Get Along?

I kind of dropped off the map for a while, and haven't posted one heck of a lot either here or on one of the many message boards that I used to frequent. The reasons are kind of personal, and selfish I suppose but they are my reasons anyway. I got tired of the drama, why can't we all just get along? read on...

The Story of Rupert Mills

Rupert Mills was a slight man, but for every ounce that he was lacking, he made up for it in grim determination. Most folks in the valley simply avoided Rupert because he was devoid of most things that folks around here ascribed to human decency. His face always had the look of someone that was angry with square set jaw, angry eyes and a furrowed brow. He had short stubby legs and a well muscled chest with arms that had seen the gym daily for the workout regimen. He didn't have much of a neck, his head seemingly jutted right out of the top of his torso.

I remember one night last fall while down at the saloon...Continue Reading

Portage Bear Attack (while Duck Hunting)

My friend Steve Thompson and I were duck hunting on Saturday (10/08/11) in Portage Valley (Alaska) and we were attacked by a brown  bear. We are both OK but we killed the brown bear within 10 feet of our duck boat blind. This is one of those stories where you are just  glad to be alive to tell it. I have lived and worked in Alaska for over 25 years and been around bears but never thought I would  encounter one in my blind while duck hunting. I have provided a brief description of what happened ... Continue Reading

Get Involved!

As the demand on our natural resources becomes more and more extreme due to over-fishing and poor management the opportunity to share this with our children and grand children diminishes greatly. Please join with me and support one or both of the organizations in the right margin. With all of us pooling our time, money and resources we can insure that the opportunities that we enjoyed as kids will be here for many more years to come! Kokanee Power was originally founded in California to promote and assist better practices for their inland fisheries. Recently a chapter was founded in Oregon to promote the same values in our state. 
The CCA is an organization promoting proper fishing practices which will ensure that our coastal sport fishing opportunities  will be available for many generations to come! 

Tight Lines & God bless!  
Kent Cannon