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Kokanee fishing is an obsession and as you can see by the name of the book, I am addicted. One of the most frustrating things for a Kokaholic to hear is that the fish are just not biting...
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Catching Kokanee
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An Ebook for those struggling for success. 32 pages chock full of tips and tricks at the bargain price of just $8.00
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Building an Offshore Boat To Target Tuna & Other Pelagic Species

I have always wanted to build a boat and after owning factory built boats and being frustrated by what is available in the way of customization on a pre-built hull, I have finally settled on a design. The hull is based on the Tolman Alaskan Skiff and is made up of encapsulated marine plywood which is known in boat building circles as the "Stitch and Glue" method.

The boat will actually be substantially lighter than comparable fiberglass or aluminum hulls (about half the weight!) but will still have the strength comparable to aluminum and much stronger than fiberglass. The fact that the hull is so light, means that it will get much better mileage and require substantially less horse power than comparably sized conventional boats which usually average in the range of a mile per gallon or just above. This boat should get in the neighborhood of 4-5 MPG. Once the build is underway, I will post a running description on my blog. In the meantime, here is a rendering:

The boat shown is a 26' model of the Great Alaskan. My boat will be about 29' and will have a cruise range of around 500 miles. The ultimate cost of the boat will be in the neighborhood of 30k and that includes electronics and the outboard motor. Once the boat is complete it will appraise at slightly above 100K (how do you like those apples?)!

You can check out more on these boats at the following Forums, The first being the Tolman site and the second being Glacier Boats. The Glacier boats model which is shown above is a spin-off of the Tolman design. The largest Tolman; the Jumbo was designed to be built up to twenty two feet, but have been stretched all the way up to 28'or 29' with 24-26' being fairly common. The model above is actually designed to fall between 25' and 28' which is more in the neighborhood of what I am looking for.

You can also purchase a kit for the hull from one of the following vendors: Salt Water Work Shop located on the East Coast and West Coast Boat Works Located in sunny Central Oregon. There is also a company in Alaska providing kits: SkiffKits LLC located in Anchorage phone: (907)344-6677. All of these guys are the type who will walk you through any questions or problems that arise during your build.

I personally am not planning on using a kit, instead my goal is to loft (cut out) my own parts and pieces. I have been a carpenter for over forty years and have a complete wood shop in which I intend to do my build. However, if cutting out the parts (lofting) is not your cup of tea or time is of an issue, you should by all means contact one of the kit providers above. The parts are delivered to your door in one package along with complete instructions.

My hook Tying Rant

In the last couple of years, there have been a rash of new small business people starting up tackle companies to try and harvest some of the $$ spent by the latest craze of fishing fanatics; the kokaholic. Now as most of you know kokaholics are characterized by the glazed over look walking through the tackle store with a huge basket of the latest and greatest kokanee gear. ...Read More

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better, Humminbird comes out with new technology which will change the way you look at fishing. For those of us who are addicted to the kokanee way of life, this new technology will make prospecting a simple cruise around the lake. ...Read More

Tackle Review; Victoria's Tackle X-15

Made with Swarovski Crystals, solid brass blades, plated with real silver, copper or nickel, and premium quality beads in either UV or Super Glow. Not only that but they are made with products produced in the USA, something that you don’t see too often anymore! ...Read More

I just received a passel of cool looking kokanee tackle to try out in the near future. I had the pleasure of using some of this gear last year and I am excited to get out on the water and get some of this stuff wet! Joe Cronn the owner and founder of Angler's Market is a long time avid angler and from what I understand, hunter as well. Joe Started fishing...Read More

Columbia River Gill nets and their effect on the fishery

I have reviewed articles for years on the effect of the commercial gill net fishery and have written many letters to the powers that be. I hear lots of complaining from sport fishermen about this abuse of our sport fishery and I wonder just how many actually take the time to complain to those that have the ability to make permanent changes here in Oregon and across the river in Washington.
The simple fact of the matter is that this non-selective fishery targets not only summer run chinook but no less than five other species of listed endangered salmon and steelhead stocks under the endangered species act...Read More

Its All About Flash...

Gang Trolls, otherwise known as Pop Gear; were designed to flash in the light imitating a school of fish. My earliest memories of lake fishing include Cow Bells and Willow Leaf Lake Trolls. There many stories of fish attacking the string of flashers before finally hitting the trailing lure. One story related to me by Vance Staplin (www.vancestackle.com) happened while guiding for Chinook on the Sacramento River. Vance says, “People say that salmon can only look up but one day I watched a Chinook dive 75’ on my graph to attack the flashers hooked to my downrigger ball.” To put it bluntly, gang trolls really work! ...Read more

Adjusting the Shasta Ultra Release

The Shasta Tackle Ultra Release is proving to be one of the better Kokanee downrigger releases due to it's infinite adjustment capabilities and low cost. I have not used it for Salmon at this point but it has proven extremely successful for lake trout and kokanee ...Read More

Spot and Stalk? Really?

I just got done chilling on the couch, waiting for the turkey that is roasting out in the Kitchen. No, I didn’t smoke it, instead I chose to do a traditional bird. I have not done a traditional bird in years and I thought that it would be nice, just for [...]


Wake Up Guys! I Think "We" Northwest Fishermen Have a Major Problem

In an article I posted earlier on this blog by Outdoor News Inc., "MN: Wolf-delisting legislation piles up in Congress," the writer spelled out what many here in the NW have failed to see. The animal rights activists are using our blight of Sea Lions as a cash cow, not wanting the issue to go away because they, The Humane Society of the United States and other organizations of that ilk are using the issue to raise funds for their respective organizations.
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The Story of Rupert Mills

Rupert Mills was a slight man, but for every ounce that he was lacking, he made up for it in grim determination. Most folks in the valley simply avoided Rupert because he was devoid of most things that folks around here ascribed to human decency. His face always had the look of someone that was angry with square set jaw, angry eyes and a furrowed brow. He had short stubby legs and a well muscled chest with arms that had seen the gym daily for the workout regimen. He didn't have much of a neck, his head seemingly jutted right out of the top of his torso.

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Portage Bear Attack (while Duck Hunting)

My friend Steve Thompson and I were duck hunting on Saturday (10/08/11) in Portage Valley (Alaska) and we were attacked by a brown  bear. We are both OK but we killed the brown bear within 10 feet of our duck boat blind. This is one of those stories where you are just  glad to be alive to tell it. I have lived and worked in Alaska for over 25 years and been around bears but never thought I would  encounter one in my blind while duck hunting. I have provided a brief description of what happened ... Continue Reading

Kokanee Class

I have experienced a lot of interest in a private kokanee class here in the Salem area. Unfortunately with my busy schedule this year I have been unable to fit that into my schedule. I will however be hosting a class in the early spring of 2012 for those that are still interested. If you filled out the form already, there is no need to do so again. I will be posting the class schedule here as that time nears and I will notify those that have expressed an interest by filling out the form via email.

Northwest Outdoors Radio

You can tune into John's Show for the latest in fishing and hunting tips, in your area by following the following link to a station near you: John Kruse, Northwestern Outdoors Radio

Get Involved!

As the demand on our natural resources becomes more and more extreme due to over-fishing and poor management the opportunity to share this with our children and grand children diminishes greatly. Please join with me and support one or both of the organizations in the right margin. With all of us pooling our time, money and resources we can insure that the opportunities that we enjoyed as kids will be here for many more years to come! Kokanee Power was originally founded in California to promote and assist better practices for their inland fisheries. Recently a chapter was founded in Oregon to promote the same values in our state. 
The CCA is an organization promoting proper fishing practices which will ensure that our coastal sport fishing opportunities  will be available for many generations to come! 

Tight Lines & God bless!  
Kent Cannon